Our Company

MedBanker is the spearhead of multiple publicly traded finance companies and private equity firms with the purpose of providing financing secured by future payment obligations. We are a direct purchaser and have servicing relationships with the industry's leading investors.  

Founded by personal injury attorneys our leadership team also have each over a decade of experience in consumer banking for the nation's largest servicers and played a critical roll designing the servicing platforms used today.

Accounts receivables are often your biggest asset although traditional banks currently do not offer financing secured by future payment obligations. Receivable funding is one of the oldest types of financing dating back over 4,000 years although not currently offered by major banking institutions. 

In 2013, market demands for this type of financing in the healthcare industry formed the vertical "MedBanker", a subsidiary of ExpressCHEX LLC, to handle distressed debt in the medical sector. We specialize in financing healthcare treatment for patients involved in Personal Injury (PI) or Workers Compensation (WC) cases.


MedBanker is backed by the largest assorted receivables purchasing companies, collectively providing liquidity to holders of deferred payment obligations of over $17 billion since 1995. Partner with a company like MedBanker that has the experience and financial strength to facilitate transactions for you for years to come.

Relationships are everything

We understand that your network of healthcare providers, attorneys and patients comes first. Our goal is to assist this network with liquidity to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

A relationship manager will be assigned to every file to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Built for SPEED

Our streamlined funding process is designed to ensure that every step from click to cash is either optimized for efficiency or eliminated altogether. Returning clients can receive funds in as little as 4 hours due to less required information which is why it's our mission to achieve 100% client satisfaction for on-going receivable management.

Unlimited purchasing power

MedBanker is the one stop institution for portfolios of all sizes, including our Micro-financing Program for transactions less than $5,000, or our $25 million + Jumbo Plus program.

We offer a wide array of flexible products to customize a tailored solution to your needs.

Our Process

Giving back to the community

*Our Change for Change program will donate $.10 for every $100 of receivables purchased to the organization of your choice. You will receive quarterly reports on the total contributions made to date.

If your preferred charitable organization is not listed, please help us grow our contribution network by making a recommendation and we will gladly donate to the foundation of your choice.

*Donations are made by ExpressCHEX LLC and does not effect the payout amount in any way.

Got a better offer?

Send it to us and we'll send you $100!

We are so confident that we will get you the best price that we will put our money where our mouth is.

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