Health care Provider Loans

Accounts receivable are often a provider's greatest asset although traditional banking systems do not offer loan programs secured by future receivables. Collecting on these receivables often take time especially if the portfolio contains liens tied up by Personal Injury (PI) or Worker Compensation (WC) cases. 

MedBanker has solved both of these problems by designing a loan program custom tailored to healthcare providers by using future payments as collateral. This program is often elected by providers in need of instant liquidity without having to sell a portfolio or outsource collections.

Typical Terms:

18 mo. installment 

2.5% - 5% interest rate

Flexible payment options, including interest only

*The figures above are for illustrative purposes only.  Rates and terms vary depending on many factors. MedBanker does not offer legal or financial advice. Speak with your financial or legal professional to determine the best option for you.

**Business loans are offered by EpressCHEX LLC and are not available in every state.  Please speak with a MedBanker representative for lending guidelines.